January 18, 2023 Finishing

High School – Winter League standings, schedule & rosters 

* Rosters are subject to change during the season.

* In house games will take place at Edgewood Elementary in South Surrey 

* Players can be added to teams during the season

* If you are not listed on the rosters for your age group or we misspelled your name please email: chad@drivebasketball.com

Team Standings – Winter Season

Losses Standings
Gonzaga   1  
Kentucky 1    
Duke   1  
UNC 1    


Winter  Season – Schedule 

Home Team  Away Team
Jan. 22 3:00pm Zags Kentucky 
Jan. 22 4:00pm Duke  UNC
Jan. 29 3:00pm Zags Duke 
Jan. 29 4:00pm UNC Kentucky 
Feb. 5 3:00pm Kentucky  Duke
Feb. 5 4:00pm UNC Zags
Feb. 12 3:00pm Zags Kentucky 
Feb. 12 4:00pm Duke  UNC
Feb. 19 3:00pm Zags Duke 
Feb. 19 4:00pm UNC Kentucky 
Feb. 26 3:00pm Kentucky  Duke
Feb. 26 4:00pm UNC Zags
March 5 3:00pm Zags Kentucky 
March 5 4:00pm Duke  UNC
March 12 (Playoffs) Finals/Awards 3:00pm 3rd place 4th place
March 12 (Playoffs) Finals/Awards 4:00pm 1st place 2nd place


High School Division Rosters:
Updated Jan. 18, 2023

Duke Gonzaga
Kentucky UNC
Joshua Taylor
Jiante Yeerdana
Arjun Ghuman
Aryan Sharma
Davin Walia
Aruv Bains
Armarveer Gill
Samual Hein
Matthew Hein
Howard Yan
Josh Gordon
Larson Wallenius
Neeraj Padmanabhan
Xander Hershberger
Marcus or
Aiden Jarvis
Tim Li
Ho Pak Cheng
Jiaqi Tang
Coley hogan
Mason angman
Jason Wang
Jacob Brown
Gage Kempton
Luke Vickers
Evan Leith
Davidson Lin
Evan Sheng
Kasen Alden
Ryan Liu
Nate Parker
Marcus Miller  
Leslie zhang
Joban Rai
David Higginson
Jai Dhami
Arun Dhami
Ethan Paisley
Gauresh Grover
Ryan Cho
Michael Li
Armaan Hundal
Connor Forest
Gavin Wang
Kevin Lin



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