DRIVE Fall AAU Circuit – 2020 

We are excited to announce the DRIVE Fall AAU Circuit. We are aiming to create an exclusive league with top level competition and exposure.  All sessions will include Boys Club teams from U12-U17 (Gr. 12’s included) ages.  All sessions will be at the Richmond Olympic Oval and will be organized within competition cohorts to ensure safety of everyone involved.  

DRIVE Fall AAU Circuit will include the following:

– Streaming will be available for College Coaches and Parents. 

– Our Streaming service provider will be Baller TV ( They will stream and catalogue each game and it will be made available on their app and website.    

– To watch the DRIVE Fall Circuit Games click on this link to subscribe: 

– 4 Games each event with a championship games set for the final weekend. 

– Certified refs & Scorekeepers

– Winning teams will get Championship shirts

All safe return to play protocols will be followed. Teams outside the lower mainland (Okanagan or Vancouver Island based teams will not be permitted at this time). 

DRIVE Fall AAU Circuit Schedule  

DRIVE Basketball AAU Circuit - Fall 2020 Game Schedule - Click link U12A/13 Teams U14/15 Teams U16/17/18 Teams
DRIVE Series Session 1 (Oval), October 23-25
DRIVE Series Session 2 (Oval), Nov. 6-8
DRIVE Series Session 3 (Oval) - Nov. 13-15
DRIVE Series Session 4 (Oval) - Nov. 20-22
DRIVE Series Session 5 (Oval) - Nov. 27-29
DRIVE Series Session 6 (Oval) - Dec. 4-6
DRIVE Series Session 7 (Oval) - Dec. 11-13
DRIVE Series Session 8 (Oval) - Dec. 18-20
Fall Circuit Championships (Oval) - Dec. 21

DRIVE Fall AAU Circuit – Return to Play Safety Plan:

–          All coaches and players will be required to sanitize their hands upon entering and exiting the gymnasium

–          All players will be required to have a thermometer check upon entering the gymnasium

–          If one has any flu like symptoms, they are required to stay home

–          If a player shows symptoms during a session, they are to report that to their coach and a self-isolation plan will be implemented. Parents will be contacted immediately. 

–          Players will be encouraged to come to the gymnasium in their basketball gear as the changing rooms will be off limits. 

–          Players will be required to bring their own basketballs and water bottles

–          Parents will not be allowed to enter the gymnasium

Cleaning & Disinfecting the Gym

–           There will be Staff designated to make sure the gym gets cleaned after each use. 

–           Extra hand sanitizer stations will be provided in the gym for players and staff.

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