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Pasha Bains

Co-Founder of Drive Basketball

Pasha Bains has a Master's degree in Coaching from UBC & played NCAA Div. 1 at Clemson Univ. in the ACC. He's the all-time leading scorer in B.C. tourney history & MVP in Richmond's '98 BC title. Pasha was named Canada MVP at SFU. He's SFU's all-time career avg. scorer & Canada West top scorer in UBC's 20-0 season. Pasha has been named 'Top 10 Richmondite', 'Best Player of the '90's' & was recently inducted into the Richmond Wall of Fame. know more

Chad Clifford

Co-Founder of Drive Basketball

Chad Clifford, co-founder of Drive Basketball, was the former AAA MVP, while leading the White Rock Christian Warriors to the AAA Provincial title. Chad played NCAA Div. 1 at St. Francis (PA). He graduated from the University of British Columbia (UBC) completing his degree in Human Kinetics. He was a member of the basketball team at UBC that completed a perfect 20-0 regular season in Canada West play and earned the Pacific Division title. know more






"I have coached for some 30 years and know when I see quality instruction. You run an excellent camp."
Caroline Holway
– Summer Camp Parent


“We have participated in many sports and different levels of camps and yours are extraordinary.”
S. Rutledge
- Summer Camp Parent

Success Breeds Success

"You guys have definitely set a high standard for kids. Success breeds success!"
M. Jurcic
- Club Team Parent


“Not only did I seriously improve my skills, I gained major confidence and was pushed to try things I wouldn’t have otherwise!”
Megan B
- Training Academy Participant

A special S/O to DRIVE Alum Aher Uguak who is capping off a successful D1 career. ⁣⁣⁣
This week Aher was named: ⁣⁣⁣
✅ All-Defensive Team⁣⁣⁣
✅ Most Improved Team⁣⁣⁣
✅ 3rd Team All Conference⁣⁣⁣
Loyola Chicago won another conference championship and are poised for another run in the NCAA tournament.⁣⁣ ⁣

Loyola Head Coach Porter Moser said: “Congrats Aher. Hard work pays off! Went up every year! Well deserved! More to come!”⁣
We are proud of you Aher and want to give you a huge congratulations for all your accomplishments. ⁣⁣
You have represented our program and your home province of Alberta wonderfully. Keep on pushing! 🙏🔥🇨🇦🏀 #DriveFam

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#tbt We have had many siblings play for our program, but no one has made an impact like the Dumont brothers. ⁣

All three guys are filled with talent, passion and a drive to succeed. MVP’s on and off the basketball court!

Keep pushing fellas, we are proud of all your achievements! 🙏🔥🏀🇨🇦 #DriveFam

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**Announcement** DRIVE standout Patrick Worrell has committed to attend Sunrise Christian Academy for the Fall of 2021. Sunrise Christian Academy is a nationally ranked program with a long history of success. Congrats Patrick and wishing you continued success. Keep working! 🙏🏀🇨🇦🔥 #DriveFam ...

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#tbt Two future National teamers facing off in High School 🔥🙏🏀🇨🇦 #DriveFam ...

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Freshman Dominic Parolin posts his first career double-double with 15p and 10r as Lehigh defeats Loyola MD 76-72. Great to see Dom making an impact so early in his D1 career! 🙏🔥🏀🇨🇦 #DriveFam ...

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DRIVE Spring Break Camps are only a month away. All our camps are filling up fast so be sure to register ASAP if you are planning to attend. Our camps are your guide to becoming a better player. ⁣

Spring Break Camps Week 1 (March 15-19)⁣

Richmond ⁣(Sold-Out) *New Group Added
Langley (Sold-Out)⁣ *New Group Added
Surrey (Sold-Out)⁣
Burnaby (Registration is now LIVE)⁣
Abbotsford (Spots available)⁣

Spring Break Camps Week 2 (March 22-26)⁣

Langley ⁣(Sold-Out) *New Group Added
Surrey (Sold-Out)
Burnaby (Registration is now LIVE)

Week 2 spots are filling up fast!

Go to our website www.drivebasketball.com for all the information regarding our Spring Break Camps.

All our Spring programs, including our Spring & Summer AAU tryouts will be posted in the coming weeks! 🏀🙏🇨🇦🔥 #DriveFam

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Representing Canada 🏀🙏🇨🇦🔥 #DriveFam ...

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Your dreams ain’t easy, you just stick by your plan. 🙏🏀🔥🇨🇦 #DriveFam ...

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Huge congratulations to Jermaine Haley and Jadon Cohee who have both been named to the Senior Men's National Team for the upcoming Fiba America Cup qualifiers! 🔥🇨🇦🙏🏀 #DriveFam ...

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**Announcement** Congrats to longtime DRIVE standout Arminas Ilciukas for committing to the University of Saskatchewan. An extremely hard worker with a true passion and love for the game! Excited to see him take his scoring talents to USports! 🙏🏀🔥🇨🇦 #DriveFam ...

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#fbf Brighter days ahead 🌞🔥🏀🇨🇦🙏 #DriveFam ...

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“There are many great players I’ve played with or against but guys like Jadon Cohee and Mindy Minhas were guys at my time growing up who helped and pushed me to become a better player. During my run they really helped push the core culture in the lower mainland hoop scene.” - Jermaine Haley (via @vancouverbasketball) 🙏🇨🇦🔥🏀 #DriveFam ...

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Kobe Bryant’s message to a College baseball team is incredibly motivating. ⁣

Let’s all remember Kobe today and use his memory to inspire us all to achieve more. ⁣⁣
“By all means, Feel sorry for yourself," Bryant wrote in the message, according to ESPN. "By all means make excuses. By all means feel discouraged. By all means don’t play like this game is the most important thing to you. By all means entertain yourself with other sh*t because the game of baseball will be here forever and you will have infinite opportunities to play this game. You will [have] infinite opportunities to put on your gear, feel the glove, the ball, etc. The game of baseball will wait for you. Life will wait for you.⁣⁣
“It’s not as life can be taken away from you at any moment. Nooo that would be crazy, that would be cruel. Right? So, by all means, play the game as if [you] will have all the swings you can dream of and when the day comes when you realize baseball, that life doesn’t work that way, you will understand that the best [way] to play is by ANY MEANS necessary. By any means. No excuses. No waiting. F*ck patience. F*ck injuries and f*ck THEM. PLAY as if every at bat may be ur last because it very f*cking well could be. So let’s make every single f*cking one count. Lets go get these f*ckers!” 🙏 #RipKobe

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Ty Rowell continues to have a great season for CBU. His last outstanding game is a 22p, 8a performance in a win vs Long Beach State. Keep making BC proud Ty! 🙏🏀🔥🇨🇦 #DriveFam ...

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You should always chase a version of you that is just beyond your current self. ⁣⁣
Never be satisfied. ⁣⁣
Never feel like you have won. ⁣⁣
The great ones always feel like they can get better. ⁣

It’s a devotion to the process of reaching your full potential. 🙏🏀🔥🇨🇦 #DriverFam

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FEB 28-MAR 1, 2020


Richmond Olympic Oval


Elite & Competitive
U10-U13 Boys

MAY 15-18, 2020 (4 day)


Richmond Olympic Oval

& local HS gyms


Elite & Competitive
U10-U17 Boys



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