July 1, 2019 Shooting

1. Shooters are made not born.

2. I am a good shooter because of my work ethic.

3. I have to always think the next shot is going in.

4. A shooter’s mantra: “make till you miss, miss till you make.”

5. To be a great shooter I have to practice shooting more than everyone else.

6. It is easier to make shots when I line up the seams on the ball.

7. I have to be thinking shot before I receive the pass.

8. If I’m in a slump that only means I’m going to hit a bunch of shots in a row soon.

9. As long as it’s a good shot, I can take any shot I want.

10. If I get fouled, I already assume these foul shots are going in.

11. It is OK to dip the ball for rhythm & power.

12. My confidence comes from my work ethic.

13. It is OK to turn my feet slightly when I shoot.

14. Visualizing making shots before games helps me shoot better.

15. Shooting is the most important skill in basketball.

16. It is OK to follow the ball (with my eyes) after the release.

17. If I miss short: it’s legs, if I miss long: I’m shooting flat.

18. I am expected to make clutch free throws for my team, I will.

19. It feels weird if I don’t shoot in a day.

20. Being a shooter is fun!

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