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Outline:  DRIVE will be having 2 practices a week and will be participating in the DRIVE Winter AAU Circuit which includes 4 events at the Oval.   Gold level players will practice in our Surrey location and will play weekly games in Surrey.  Our Winter Club teams are for Boys in Gr. 4-12 that are looking to improve their game in a fun and competitive learning environment.  No one is cut. Players are placed onto teams and training groups based on age and skill level. Space is limited. Register now to save your spot!

DRIVE Winter Club Team Tryouts

DRIVE Club Team Tryouts - Winter 2021 Dates/Times Age Requirements Register
U10/11 Players (Gr. 3/4/5) January 10th from 930-1130am U10 - born on Sept 1, 2010 or later
U11 - born on Sept 1, 2009 or later
U12/13 Players (Gr. 6/7) January 10th from 930-1130am U12 - born on Sept 1, 2008 or later
U13 - born on Sept 1, 2007 or later
U14/15 Players (Gr. 8/9) January 10th from 12-2pm U14 - born on Sept 1, 2006 or later
U15 - born on Sept 1, 2005 or later
U16/17/18 Players (Gr. 10/11/12) January 10th from 12-2pm U16 - born on Sept 1, 2004 or later
U17 - born on Sept 1, 2003 or later
U18 - can play if they are currently enrolled
in a high school and will graduate in 2021

DRIVE Winter AAU Circuit Schedule  

DRIVE Basketball AAU Circuit - Winter 2021 Game Schedule - Click link U12A/13 Teams U14/15 Teams U16/17/18 Teams
DRIVE Series Session 1 (Oval), Jan. 22-24
DRIVE Series Session 2 (Oval), Jan. 29-31
DRIVE Series Session 3 (Oval) - Feb. 5-7
DRIVE Series Session 4 (Oval) - Feb. 12-14
DRIVE Series Session 5 (Oval) - Feb. 19-21
DRIVE Series Session 6 (Oval) -Feb. 26-28
DRIVE Series Session 7 (Oval) - March 5-7
DRIVE Series Session 8 (Oval) - March 12-14

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