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Outline: Due to Covid and government recommendations there won’t be competitions or tournaments until September. That’s when the next phase of return to sport is supposed to to re-open.  This Summer we will be offering our Club team training to keep our elite kids together working hard to get better. We will be focusing on skill development in a small group setting.  We will also be offering 2hr sessions as recommended by the return to sport guidelines.  Space is limited so register today save your spot.  The information is listed below. 

Summer club team training - 2020

Teams Dates/Times Age Requirements Registrations
U11-13 (Gr. 5-7)
Monday/Wednesday 4-6pm
Saturday 1130-1pm
Starts July 13
Ends Sept. 5
U14-16 (Gr. 8-10)
Tuesday/Thursday 4-6pm
Saturday 130-3pm
Starts July 13
Ends Sept. 5
U14-17 (Gr. 8-11)
Wednesday 6-8pm
Saturday 3-5pm
Starts July 15
Ends Sept. 5

SURREY CLUB TEAM CompetitionS - Spring 

AAU Events - Spring & Summer Season U10/11 Elite Teams U12/13 Elite Teams U14/15 Elite Teams U16/17 Elite Teams
BC Hoopfest (SFU), May 1-3
BC Spring Showcase (SFU), May 8-10
DRIVE Spring Classic (Oval), May 15-18
Ballapalooza (MEI/UFV), May 29-31
Battle at the Border (UFV), June 5-7
DRIVE Summer Classic (LEC), June 19-21
Western Canada Invitational (SFU), June 26-28

SURREY Club Team Fees - Spring

DRIVE Club Team Fees - Spring & Summer Training Fees Tournament Fees Overall Costs
U10-13 Gold Teams $400-$600 $200-$400 $600-$1000
U10-13 Elite Teams $400-$600 $750-$1250 $1150-$1850
U14-17 Elite Teams $600.00 $1400-$1800 $2000-$2400
U14-16 Gold Teams $450-$600 $200-$400 $650-$1000

surrey winter club TEAM payments

Teams New/Returning Players Pay
U11-13 Elite New Players (Need a Uniform)
U11-13 Elite Returning Players (Have Uniforms)
U10-13 Gold All Players
High School Club All Players

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