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We have Club Teams (Red, Black, White, DRIVE Surrey) for each level of ability & experience. These teams are determined by a try-out (Sept. 9th) and are offered for Boys Ages 9-17. Our Training Academy has Intermediate & High Performance (Advanced) groups and is offered for Boys & Girls Ages 6-17.

[/collapse] [collapse title=”How do the seasons work & is there a minimum amount of months for membership?”]

Fall Season (Sept. – Dec.), Winter Season (Jan. – Mar.), Spring Season (Apr.- June). There is a 3 month minimum on membership. Registration is ongoing.

[/collapse] [collapse title=”Who attends the try-outs and what are the specific times for each age?”]

Anyone wishing to play & practice with our Club Teams (Red, Black, White,DRIVE Surrey) must attend try-outs Sept. 9th at the Richmond Olympic Oval. You do not have to attend try-outs to join our Training Academy. Club Team try-out times can be found here.

[/collapse] [collapse title=”What are the additional charges for Club Teams?”]

Club Teams will have additional Tournament & Coaching Fee charges varyingon the competition schedule for each team. DRIVE Red, Black & DRIVE Surrey teams will travel to several tournaments in Seattle. DRIVE White teams will play a primarily local schedule. Equipment orders will be made (Jersey & Shorts mandatory) during the season.

[/collapse] [collapse title=”Can we talk to someone to find the best program that fits our needs? Can you try-out asession?”]

Email: info@drivebasketball.com or call 604-818-7526 to find out the best planbased on needs. Trying out a session (free of charge) is available.

[/collapse] [collapse title=”Does DRIVE have ongoing programs?”]

Yes, many players in our Academy play with our teams, take part in our programs and train on a year long basis. Other players take part only in our programs on a year long basis.

[/collapse] [collapse title=”Does DRIVE offer private lessons?”]

Yes, by appointment only. Registration can be done through our website or byemail (info@drivebasketball.com) or telephone (604.818.7526).

[/collapse] [collapse title=”How do I register for a program?”]

Registration is done primarily through our website. You can find the programs listed by season in the programs page. Registration can also be done through email (info@drivebasketball.com) or phone(604.818.7526).

[/collapse] [collapse title=”What ages may attend DRIVE?”]

We have programs for players in Grade 1-12. If you are unsure of what would be the best program for your child please do not hesitate to ask.

[/collapse] [collapse title=”How, when, where do I pay?”]

Payment is done at the site of the program. Payment can be made by Cash, Cheque (made to DRIVE Basketball), Debit or Credit Card.

[/collapse] [collapse title=”Where are the programs held?”]

Our programs are primarily held at our DRIVE Basketball Centers in Richmond & Langley. We also have a variety of Satellite locations in Vancouver, Surrey, Delta, Coquitlam, and White Rock.

[/collapse] [collapse title=”I sent in my registration but have not heard anything from you. What is my status?”]

All campers who register online are confirmed unless notified through email. An email will be sent the week of the program start date. This letter will contain all the necessary information you will need for camp including check-in information, times, dates, what to bring, facility information, dismissal, etc. If you have notrecevied your confirmation within 1 week of the program start date, please send us an email or call us.

[/collapse] [collapse title=”Where will my child be placed in camp?”]

Campers are grouped by age and ability level. Groups are not permanent and some campers may be moved to different teams if they are more advanced.

[/collapse] [collapse title=”Should we bring a lunch?”]

For our all day camps (Complete Player Camp) please pack a bagged lunch. We recommend bringing a water bottle to any DRIVE Training program.

[/collapse] [collapse title=”Should we bring a basketball?”]

For programs located at our DRIVE Basketball Center in Richmond you do not have to bring a ball. For any program at one of our Satellite locations please bring a basketball.

[/collapse] [collapse title=”Can parents watch?”]

Yes! We encourage parents to watch any or all parts our programs. Camps are typically structured with instruction and drills in the morning, and team competitions in the afternoon.

[/collapse] [collapse title=”Can you provide a Fitness Tax Receipt?”]

Yes, this process can be done via e-mail.

[/collapse] [collapse title=”How much lead time do you need for program registration?”]

Registration for our programs typically closes a few days before the program begins. In some cases you can join an existing program once it has already begun.

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