October 15, 2018 Advice

1. Rebound – A shooter’s best friend is someone who will rebound for them. Rebounding for your kid is one of the best gifts you can give them because it significantly increases the number of repetitions they can get up while practicing.  In addition, its a great bonding experience as you get to spend time with your child in an environment where they are improving as a basketball player. 2. Mechanics – Be careful not to over-coach but make sure you understand the mechanics of proper shooting. Help your child focus on following through the guide hand, elbow under the ball, holding the pose and understanding the importance of footwork and the difference between hopping & stepping into your shot. Make sure that younger kids aren’t compromising their mechanics from shooting further out then they are ready for. 3. Passing – Work on becoming a good passer as it will make the shooting practice more game like. Passers make the shooters. Learn what it means to pass the ball with the seams & learn the difference between a chest pass and push pass. Become familiar with the ball and become comfortable with flicking the ball on your passes. Your child will be happy to be receiving good crisp passes that lead to better shots. 4. Count Makes Not Shots – One of the best ways to become a better shooter is to count makes not shots. Give your child a goal for your shooting sessions (200 makes) and help them understand the importance of shooting to make instead of just shooting to shoot. This type of focus requires more concentration and will make your shooting sessions more productive. 5. Shoot Game Shots at Game Speed – Help your child perform better in games by making them shoot game shots at game speed. Consider which types of shots your son shoots in games and design your practice working on these types of shots focusing on making everything game like. 6. Study Great Shooters – When watching hoops point out great shooters and why they are so successful. Point out their shooting mechanics, how they set up for their shots, what types of shots they are taking & give them examples of all the hard work it took them to become great shooters. 7. Learn What Good Shots Are – Too often parents encourage their children to shoot in games without knowing the importance of taking good shots within the flow of the offense. Help your child understand that while they should be looking to shoot, taking good shots is most important. 8. Shoot Yourself – Learning to shoot yourself and practicing shooting on your own will help bring you closer to your son & is great exercise. Your son will be impressed with your interest & will probably even challenge you to a shooting contest. 9. Be Positive – Remember to always be positive and focus on increasing your child’s confidence. It should be an enjoyable bonding experience that brings you closer to your child. Make sure you are constantly encouraging, telling them how much they are improving and how proud you are of their hard work.

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