* Rosters are subject to change during the season.

* In house games will take place at Edgewood Elementary in South Surrey

* Players can be added to teams during the season

* If you are not listed on the rosters for your age group or we misspelled your name please email: chad@drivebasketball.com

Team Standings – Fall Season

Losses Standings
Lakers 4 3  
Warriors 6 1  
Raptors 2 5  
Celtics 2 5  


Fall Season – Schedule (White Rock)

Home Team  Away Team
Oct. 2 1:00pm Lakers Warriors
Oct. 2 2:00pm Raps Celtics
Oct. 9 1:00pm Lakers Raps
Oct. 9 2:00pm Warriors  Celtics
Oct. 16 1:00pm Lakers  Celtics
Oct. 16 2:00pm Warriors  Raps
Oct. 23 1:00pm Lakers Warriors
Oct. 23 2:00pm Raps Celtics
Oct. 30 1:00pm Lakers Raps
Oct. 30 2:00pm Warriors  Celtics
Nov. 6 1:00pm Lakers  Celtics
Nov. 6 2:00pm Warriors  Raps
Nov. 13 1:00pm Lakers Warriors
Nov. 13 2:00pm Raps Celtics
Nov. 20 1:00pm Lakers Raps
Nov. 20 2:00pm Warriors  Celtics
Nov. 27 1:00pm Lakers  Celtics
Nov. 27 2:00pm Warriors  Raps
Dec. 4 1:00pm Lakers Warriors
Dec. 4 2:00pm Raps Celtics
Dec. 11 1:00pm Lakers Raps
Dec. 11 2:00pm Warriors  Celtics
Dec. 18 (Playoffs) Finals/Awards 1:00pm 3rd place 4th place
Dec. 18 (Playoffs) Finals/Awards 2:00pm 1st place 2nd place


U12/13 Division Rosters: Western Conference Teams
Updated Sept. 29

Warriors Lakers
Thomas Shen
Willie Yang
Arjun Bhamra
Jake Barker
Justin Zhu
Steven Shi
Troy Lapierre
Tanvir Gewal
Caden Findlay
Kai H-terada
Ben Check
Nathan Harrison
Eshaan sidhu
Xan Sumalnap
Kingston Jackson
Thomas Maurer  
Wyatt Moss
Jason Fang
Roman Basran
Christopher Maurer


U12/13 Division Rosters: Eastern Conference Teams
Updated Sept. 29

Celtics Raps
Arjun Reehal
Cameron Jackson
Kai Luo
Bill Li
Brandon Danyliuk
Sam Hemmes
Daniel Zhang
Jacob Meleppuram
Connor Riva
William Xiao
Yifan Hu
Anson Lyu
Constantine Fung
Madden Hurkett
Vincent Xia
Ishaan Shanghera
Richard Wang
Eric Zhao
Hail chang
Devin Wu
Bill (Hanxiao ) Feng


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